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Duke C. Garwood Architects, Inc., established in 1988, is a consulting architectural firm located in Austin, Texas.   The firm offers full architectural design services in all facets of the commercial and residential markets.  The firm's experience includes the design of office buildings, educational facilities, churches, multi-family housing, recreational facilities, retail centers, service centers, warehouse facilities and a variety of residential projects.

We enjoy an exceptional reputation for quality architecture; that means, we design a project to satisfy the users who give it purpose, the lending institution that finances it, the contractor who builds it and the members of the community who appreciate its beauty.  By considering all of these entities, we satisfy the most important element of any project - the client.

To accomplish these goals, we have an experienced, innovative staff capable of providing not only technical knowledge, but management and communication skills.  The consultants we work with are chosen with the same selectivity to make our team the one best suited to the client's needs so projects can be constructed in a cost efficient and timely manner.

This approach to architecture has enabled us to work for many of our clients on a repeat basis.  This continuing client base is the most tangible evidence of our capability and credibility, as well as our commitment to honor the objectives, schedules and budgets of our clients.

Our mission is to practice architecture in a manner that serves our community by creating healthy and balanced environments that impact the individual client and the collective users. We consider the importance of our work to be highly significant. Our practice of architecture should reflect how we live and what we value.
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